Sunday, November 30, 2014


Good evening, my latest novel is now complete. All the editing and proofreading is done. I now seek a publisher as I don't want to self-publish. If anyone has ideas of where I can find a good publisher,please let me know. Have A GREAT WEEK. Joy

Monday, November 10, 2014

Thank you to my friends who gave me such encouraging messages for the forthcoming cataract operation booked for early December. I have just read the risks associated with it!! You know nurses can be the worse patients, probably because they've seen it all to do with operations, recovery etc. I will be brave, but at the time of my finals I had nothing to do with eyes as I didn't like the thought of anything involving such a delicate part of the anatomy. Funny how my first nursing post as an a busy Accident and emergency department saw me assisting in many an operation to remove a foreign body in the eye. Many a grown man was to waver following the removal of said foreign body, with a magnificent fall to the floor after the offending item had been removed.