Friday, January 23, 2015

Auntie Peggy

Good morning, My auntie Peggy is still with us, we are so lucky that the residential home she has been in for the last 3 years is where she will spend her last days. This is an issue as many residential homes do not keep patients who become seriously dependent. They have had a hospital bed with a ripple[continuous movement mattress] put into her bedroom,which helps to avoid bed sores, and allows the nursing staff to have easier access to turn the patient. Dear Auntie Peggy, may her final days be filled with love and kindness.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Auntie Peggy.

Some of you may remember tales of auntie Peggy, telling of the humorous antics of a lovely old lady. Sadly she is about to leave this world. Her body is slowly failing and she now suffers heart failure. Even her imminent demise is not without it's humour. She had not wished to smoke her three rationed cigarettes a day for the last month as she preferred to stay in bed.However last week she managed somehow to find the strength to pull on a pair of trousers,leave her forth floor room, take the lift, then seek out staff and said 'I want a fag'. You may also recall that her alcohol consumption was hastily stopped about four months back because her liver function was deranged, and the Doctors orders were strictly no alcohol. I feel so sad as Auntie Peggy was to go to my son's home for Christmas and all she could think of and talk about regarding this visit was that she would be able to have her longed for'Famous Grouse'

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The new kitten

We have taken in yet another four month old cat, her name is Lily.She joins Molly and Lucy, her sisters. It's a weakness on our part to take in these rescue cats. I don't know the full extent of her history, only that lily, who is a tortoiseshell puss, was rescued along with her two black brothers. We ended up with Lily after going to see another older cat who needed a home, sadly she would have been far to timid with our older cats who would have bullied the life out of her. The three are getting to know each other now and the older girls no longer snarl at Lily. When my husband says 'Time for a 'walkies' round the garden.' she panics and runs to the nearest hiding hole she can find. Makes me sort of wonder if we have taken on an indoor lady.