Friday, March 7, 2014

A scary night

I was on night duty at a hospital for the elderly, when I was a State Enrolled nurse. It was long ago
when the incident occurred.
In those days nurses were expected to go off the ward for supper at 12 midnight.
Walking over to the dining hall, one had to pass the mortuary, this particular night I thought I heard someone knock the huge wooden door as I passed.
When I reached my destination, I told two porters who were tucking into their food about my experience.

  "Don't be daft, said one, There is no one in there other than the two souls who passed away earlier today."
 I interjected their laughter with,

  " Please come and listen for yourselves."

 "What you heard my love was the wind it is pretty blowy out there tonight."

To placate me they followed me out of the room, down the draughty corridor and the three of us stood outside the mortuary door.

  "Help me ,help me," came a plea and I could see the porters in the lights of the corridor change colour.
  "Get the keys ,and hurry up Fred." said one to the other.
When Fred returned with the keys, he opened up and there stood the resident gardener Jimmy.
  "I got locked in today when I was sweeping the leaves. the guys didn't see me when they came in with the body, I was just round the bend  having a fag and hiding,'cos I'm not meant to be in there..

The relief all round was palpable.

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