Sunday, April 6, 2014

The bike ride

How sore I feel today!It's all down to the fact that I'm unfit. To correct this deficit, my friend and I decided we should do something about it.
We have elected to do a 10 or  30 mile ride for charity and get fit at the same time.
She is much fitter than I am and won't find the effort so challenging.

I had to get my trusty steed down a number of hills to my stepson's house,
This is where it will stay between each ride. They live on the flat, making each weekly adventure  that much easier.
 It is 7years since I last rode my bike and could not control it downhill.
I was afraid of not riding straight and being unable to put enough pressure on the brakes to stop the drift.

My friend awaited, and thought she may have dreamed the outing as I was so late. I explained that I had walked most of the way.
Off we set along the canal path, we did ride for about 2 miles.That was enough for me.

Must be ready for the event in July, when hopefully we shall raise lots of money for the hospice and be far fitter.

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