Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Update of the new novel 'The Liberty Bodice'

I thought I was there with 'The Liberty Bodice' only to find that it needs more edit,edit,edit. Funny thing with writing you give it your all and then need to squeeze out yet more. With all the re-writes and edits, and proofing I hope there is still a story left. I want it to be a good read, so I really don't mind all the comments, to help me get there. Went to see Auntie Peggy today, well for the first time that I can remember she has had to come off the alcohol. At first I thought this to be unkind to an 88yr. old, who has drunk alcohol all of her adult life, but she looked so well and didn't seem to be missing it at all. She did however mention that someone might slip her some in clandestinely. I hope matron doesn't see.

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