Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Kindle

The eyesight is not so good at the moment. I await the cataract operation. I'm told there is nothing to it. I'll let you know mid December. The point I'm coming to is that I find reading on my kindle the answer to be able to enjoy my books. You can alter the print size to whatever you wish. Most books have such small print, unless you go for the specialised ones. I would recommend the Kindle or similar for anyone struggling with paperbacks or hardbacks because of poor sight. Enjoy Sunday.


  1. I've had cataract operations on both my eyes - it sounds hard, but it's not half as bad as it sounds! At 57 years old, I'm relatively young to have the operations, but I'm so glad I did. Believe me, it's wonderful, it's like having super-powers! Julia

  2. Thank goodness for the Kindle! I love mine, too, especially when I travel. Good luck with your cataract operation. I've only heard good things about the surgery. Best wishes to you! Ann