Saturday, January 11, 2014

An update on my work in progress novel.

Hello my fellow bloggers,

Just a line or two to tell you how things are progressing.
Quite honestly not as well as I would like. I spend a considerable amount of time twittering, on line and otherwise.

Therefor I must be more disciplined with myself, and arrive at my computer each day with a determination to follow the target set.
It could be to write 1000 words each day, I tried that and found it took me to long.
Writing 500 for me is more realistic, until it comes to settling down to it. Along with each busy day,I don't do it, as there is always something else that needs urgent attention.
It's not as though the book bores me as it's tense and exciting.It spans the years of a young girl's life which develop to an amazing one as a women, She eventually finds the work she wants to be involved with.

She becomes a Special Operations Executive,  one of Churchill's secret army.

I have reached the part where she has been dropped behind enemy lines in France, and is starting on her missions.

So as I have no excuse, I am about to settle into it again right now.

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