Saturday, January 25, 2014

What a day!!!

Today,I should be feeling refreshed, happy and relaxed. But of course that seems to be an aspect of my imagination. 

We [that's my husband and me] had just returned from a luxury break in the Devonshire countryside. Luxury it was, with pamper, heated swimming, sauna sessions, and let us not forget the steaming of ones body.
This is supposed to clear the nostrils and in turn the head, thus improving ones thought processes. Your skin would shine brighter and your hair would evaporate.
The facts consisted of the constant dripping on the head making for a damp and limp head of hair.Such massive amounts of steam overcame you, that you had to make excuses to fellow masochists and leave the room hurriedly before fainting.

Soon after our arrival back home in the South of England, 'Hubby' of many years had a turn.
It was both arms suffering severe pins and needles and a sort of crushing of the chest. The world seemed a less wonderful place and my happiness turned to fear.
Now to fill in the gaps. My man has a long cardiac history and me as ever the attentive nurse, kept a close eye, culminating in a visit to the local hospital. Four hours later after many tests and questions he was given the all clear. The E.C.G. showed no signs of new happenings. Blood enzyme levels were normal, and the vital signs just perfect.
We were discharged. Now home once more, family all advised of the outcome and it's time for bed. Night ,Night my friends.

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