Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An update

Hello my friends,

Thought it was time to tell you how the book, and life is going.


The book first, I seem to spend so long these days tweeting and returning information on e-mail,
that time slips by so fast.

I have completed the 500 words, however not every day.
More like every three days. I wont have it finished by March as I hoped at that rate.
Not to fret, I have a holiday next week, perhaps I will work that much harder on the book.


Well, I have a sense of humour, so imagine how I felt when I went to the cashier of a garage forecourt with a voucher for 19 pence off every litre of petrol  just bought. I said to her ,'I think you will owe me some money' Not a glimmer of a smile  passed her lips.

So busy in the Out Patients department today, all worthwhile when a patient said to me Thank you for being so kind.


1 comment:

  1. Good for you! (As long as you are writing something, anything, everyday, that's all that matters :) That's my internal motto, anyway. Some days I hit my 1000 word goal, and the days I don't, I just make sure I've made my presence on the page known. The worst thing I can do is miss a day. Then that evil self-talk enters and freaks me out (why aren't you writing? are you getting scared you won't be able to write? what are you going to write, anyway?) until I manage to talk myself off the ledge and start writing again. And then, ahhh, everything is instantly better.)