Sunday, May 25, 2014

I've been on my holidays, we went to York in the U.K.What a wonderful place.

On return, I had an anxious sister on the phone,relaying the antics that Auntie Peg had been about.
She had a week of conflict with some other service users, and was seen to shake a fist more than once, with the odd curse for good measure. Then she set about banging hard on the lift doors to summon the travel mode hastily.
This would not be the first time that she had adopted this tactic.
 The staff would be heard to call out,
'Be patient Peggy, it won't be long, we are doing the meals and have to leave the lift doors open.'
I once witnessed this debacle and in my embarrassment tried in vain to calm the irate aunt.

Strange thing is that the staff of this wonderful place think the world of our Auntie Peg.

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