Saturday, May 10, 2014

The make -up routine.

When I was a child of six or seven, I remember Auntie Peggy,{ mothers sister} and her makeup routine.
It was an intense production.

The kitchen table was used for the performance.With the hand mirror propped  appropriately in position to apply a variety of lotions and potions. I would sit opposite her and watch with wide eyed amazement.
Firstly on went the cleansing fluid, gently wiped off with what looked to me like tow.
Then foundation was applied, a strange orangey coloured stuff, this was followed by the caking on of a deeper orange powder.
With fanatical verve on went the eye treatment. Each eye was cleansed, then the outer upper eye was subjected to a pale coloured streak, of I'm not sure what, then a darker one,then the end product of a really dark line applied to the lid.
The lashes became a work of art with a thick black mascara application.
The lips were first lined with a pen-like devise, followed by the brightest red lipstick you could find in the forties, and bought from Woolworth's, was perfectly aligned.

  "Oh. Auntie Peggy,you look like a film star" I said.
She replied, "Well I could have been you know"

The whole process took 25 minutes.

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