Sunday, May 18, 2014

The carehome

When the time came for Auntie Peg, to go into a home, it was one of the most difficult things for my sister, my son and myself to undertake.
We knew how she loved  a drink and a smoke. This had been her life's enjoyment for many years.
Not many of the homes near us would admit anybody with these habits.
We were only given 2 weeks to establish a suitable placement for her.
This was an impossibility, as all the places we looked at were not to the standard that we desired, bearing in mind her needs. She could no longer hear or see so well, therefore the T.V. held no delight.
I say she didn't see so well, but I have never known such dexterity with the fingers when she rolled her cigarettes.
Eventually we found the wonderful place where she now resides. Auntie is both happy and very well cared for, and can enjoy a smoke when the staff take her into the gardens. The whiskey is measured, with three tots daily being the prescribed amount on offer.

Long may she thrive and survive.

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