Monday, February 17, 2014

It was a funny old day

I went to work early in the morning, in the teaming rain and got soaked to the skin. I was working with plastics, that's plastic surgery. On the N.H.S. surgeons can do the most amazing work these days.
Half way through the morning we had a patient collapse, from another clinic. Drama ensued and the patient received every care and treatment possible. Following a visit to our A and E  department it was reported that she was sitting up and laughing. How good was that to hear.

When I got home mid afternoon, I was again caught in the rain walking the half mile to our brand new car park, I found that my phones and television were not working. Neither was the computer mouse, and when I went out in the car to go to the local shops there was no windscreen wash available.

'Hubby' was away in France helping others with decorating, and it made me realise just how dependent I have become on him. I must try harder to learn how to correct such deficit, without relying on him all the time.

Sleep tight everyone.


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