Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Walk.

Today is finally lovely, with the sun eventually shining, and the clouds blowing away.
I took myself off for a lone walk along the canal in the town where I live.

This is undertaken as often as I can manage to help keep off the pounds that have gradually increased over the last year.

I blame Boston Ma. United States of America for that. When I visited last October, I could not help but relish the wonderful breakfasts and each morning would eat first the hot one and then the continental.
As for the lobster suppers, it is a miracle I did not gain on more.

You see, I was feeling so proud of the fact that when nursing my slipped disc with severe sciatica summer before last. I was drugged up to the nine's and felt so sick most of the time that I lost a full stone.
Feeling proud of the achievement, however painfully attained, I vowed to keep it off and indeed succeeded for ten months. Then came the trip.

I shall sum up by saying, Boston was worth every extra pound,what a wonderful city.

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