Friday, February 7, 2014

This may surprise you.

Good afternoon my friends,

People have asked me to write more about my life's work experiences within nursing. I think you may find this article surprising.

In the United Kingdom it is a known fact that trained and untrained nursing staff do not earn a great deal of money. It is strange that the old adage that it is a calling, or simply a vocation still seems to apply.

For a long time the staff car park at the hospital where I work has not been fit for purpose.
After much wrangling over how a new one should be funded. It was agreed that payment for it would be partly paid for by the staff according to their designation. The Consultants are most put out.

 A brand new state of the art, car park has indeed  been built. Mind you it is still difficult to find an empty space between Monday to Friday.
As a Registered nurse my charges have risen by 50% this pays for the privilege of having a parking place so that I may park while I work.
No member of staff is given permission to park if they live within a five mile radius of the hospital. 

In my opinion, la pie'ce de rĂ©sistance is staff  being fined for parking on the white lines marking the parking spaces, even if the wheel is just touching the marking. I wonder how many hospitals in the country are experiencing similar practise?

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