Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Long ago

Hello,today I was reflecting on the beginnings of my career.
I started nursing when I was just seventeen, as a raw rookie I was completely amazed at the pranks the staff got up to and indeed got away with.

The one that really stands out for me was the time the senior nurses decided to play a trick on a newly appointed porter.
He was taking a recently deceased patient to the mortuary in the middle of the night.
A male nurse knew that he would be alone in this duty. So got to the mortuary before the arrival of the porter with his trolley.
The nurse laid out on one of the mortuary slabs, covering himself with a sheet.
When the porter entered the room,the nurse sat up slowly saying,

'Have you got the time please.'

 It is said that the porter involved left the hospital never to return. However I cannot vouch for the validity of that last statement.

There will be more tales to follow.
Night night.

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